MICSmart Launch

MICSmart Launch


Manaseer Industrial Complex launched MICSmart products.
Manaseer Industrial Complex which is one of the Manaseer Group companies, launched MICSmart products for the first time in Jordan with an international, Arab and local presence of number of ambassadors and commercial attaché of international embassies, in which they have experience in the field of paint industries, specialized coatings, plastic, adhesives, construction chemicals and insulation.

The idea of this product came by stimulating products from the Jordanian volcanic rocks and turning them into effective products of industrial and technical value, instead of being just a filling material. This material is effective, sustainable and versatile in the areas of the paints, specialized coatings industries, plastic, adhesives and others.

The MICSmart product family consists of five major groups:

    MICSMART- S : Skid prevention , anti-slip, flooring and terrazzo effect finishes
    MICSMART- M : Marine paints including anti-carbonation paints and anti-fouling coatings
    MICSMART- A : Anti corrosion protective coatings
    MICSMART- R : Retardant of flame spread (Anti-flame) for paints and plastics
    MICSMART- T : Thermal and fire resistance