The Initial Implementation of the Vikiland Project

The Initial Implementation of the Vikiland Project


The Manaseer Group has commenced the establishment of the Vikiland Complex, the integrated, education and recreational project which caters the needs of different age groups and offers a wide range of outstanding recreational and education services in an appropriate place for all family members at the same time.

The Vikiland Project aims primarily at developing the children's skills in a unique recreational and education environment. The project covers several recreational and education sections, children's play areas, recreational areas for different age groups of both genders, various international restaurants, an integrated sport club, Moroccan bath and an ice skating rink. Accordingly, this Project is deemed the first integrated project in Jordan.

The Vikiland Project consists of 8 floors with an area totaling 45000 square meters, where Arab Towers Contracting Co ATCCO is basically responsible for the project implementation to be completed within 24 months.

Commenting on the Project, Ms. Victoria Al Manaseer, the Executive Director of the Vikiland Project, expressed her satisfaction in respect of the campus establishment, stating that: "The establishment of the integrated, recreational and education Complex comes after the great efforts crowned with success of the project in Russia. The project gives mothers the opportunity to spend useful and pleasant time. Moreover, the great diversity of the concerned project allows visitors of different age groups to spend good and memorable times in different settings that offer miscellaneous services in a very comprehensive manner."