Manaseer Palestine - A connection bridge


In 2014, The Manaseer Group established Manaseer – Palestine as one of the operating companies of the Group.  The company was established with an eye on the new developments in the Palestinian market, the potential for joint investment and trade as  a way to cement the already burgeoning social, political and economic relations between Jordan and Palestine. Manaseer – Palestine is intended to generate mutual benefit between the two economies and to contribute to opening the door for Palestine to Arab markets through Jordan.

Manaseer – Palestine formulates a Jordanian bridge that extends a brotherly helping hand to Palestinian brethren in constructing their state and achieving the goal of building for future generations.

Our Investments

Manaseer has partnered with several relevant Palestinian companies in providing needed construction materials such as cement, aggregates and other inputs, as well as in providing for the transfer of knowhow and technical capacity to Palestinian partners.  Currently, Manaseer – Palestine is exploring a number of potential investments in Palestine, which would expand the industrial base and provide for backward and forward linkages to benefit the development of the Palestinian economy.

Adhering to the general direction of the Manaseer Group, Manaseer – Palestine works towards providing the highest standards of products to the Palestinian market, with a focus on customer care, satisfaction and following the highest international standards of management in product and service delivery.